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Manziel suspended, TMZ doesn’t really get it

I guess this isn’t shocking. You could also file this one under “doesn’t matter.” Johnny Manziel does not have a football team right now, or at least not one in the NFL. I guess he could be playing flag football on the beach in California after blowing a few lines off of a hooker, but I don’t think that would count.

So, the NFL has suspended Manziel for four game for violation of the league’s substance abuse policy. Not shocking. I mean, really, you wouldn’t even have to test him. You could just do a Google Images search and see what he was hacking up his nose that week.

The suspension doesn’t really matter because, as I said, he doesn’t have a football team. You could say that this would deter a team from signing him, but that’s kind of laughable. Who had interest in signing him? No one, that’s who.

The best part is this line from TMZ, the famous celebrity gossip site that now has a sports division:

We’re told the violation was NOT due to a performance enhancing drug.

Whoa! Was that an inside source that told you that?! He violated the substance abuse policy and you know for a fact that it wasn’t PED related?! Thank god for sources!

The NFL has a policy on performance-enhancing drugs. If you violate it, they will say you violated it. That way, we’d all know that you took PEDs. TMZ might need to ramp up their sports division. That, or you shouldn’t really be relying on TMZ for your sports news. That seems the more likely outcome.

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