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No extension talks for Strasburg

The Washington Nationals and pitcher Stephen Strasburg agreed to a one-year, $10.4 million deal in January in order to avoid arbitration, but talks have not gone beyond that.

So, for one year, the Nats have Strasburg, but after that…well, we’ll see. His agent Scott Boras told Fox Sports that they probably won’t be talking about a long-term deal until after the 2016 season.

“[Strasburg]’s going to pitch, and we’ll see where it goes from there,” Boras said. “[An extension’s] something we’ll be discussing at the end of the year.”

Strasburg had a 3.46 ERA last year and has had moments of dominance. He also has moments of injuries. If I recall correctly, his ERA before the All Star break last year was over five and there was talk of trading him.

If Strasburg pitches his ass off, he’ll likely get offered a long-term deal. Then again, he could also get dealt while he’s hot.

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