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Rubio hits kid in face with football (video)

If you read the headline and never actually watch the video, you’d think that Republican presidential candidate and general ass clown Marco Rubio drilled a kid in the face with a football. Technically, yes, he threw a football that hit a kid in the face.

But, they should have vetted this kid. Maybe throw him a few before they put him on camera. This kid sucks. He clearly just doesn’t have “it.” He doesn’t instinctively know how to catch something thrown in his direction. It’s not Rubio’s fault.

My criticism of Rubio here is that there is way too much air under this pass. It could have used some more zip, but that would only injured this child more. Because, like I said, he can’t catch. Rubio arm punted this throw to him, giving him every opportunity to make an easy catch…and he blew it. Rubio sucks at politics, but this was not his fault.

You can watch for yourself here:

Even in the redemption video, they have to show a close up cut to the kid making the catch. He didn’t catch that pass either. Someone underhanded a pass to him from three feet away and they made an edit. No way he caught that ball. Why? He can’t catch!

While there are more than enough criticisms of Marco Rubio’s politics and campaign, this one is not his fault at all. Well, unless you’d like to fault the folks who didn’t vet this kid and throw him some preliminary passes off camera.

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