Off the Record (OTR)

Every phone call from “Making a Murderer” (video)

Have you watched “Making a Murder” on Netflix yet? Well, even if you haven’t, just know that this isn’t a spoiler of any kind. And if you have, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this 17 seconds of comedy.

This is an awesome YouTube clip that doesn’t have nearly enough views. It’s over 30,000, but I’d have thought this would spread much quicker. It’s short and hilarious.

Throughout “Making a Murder” there are a bunch of taped phone conversations. This clip sums them up pretty well. They oddly say “yah” a lot. “Hello?” Yah. Yah. It’s probably funny even if you haven’t seen the show. It’s probably exceptionally funny if you’re from that region on Wisconsin.

Was that accurate? Yah? Yah?

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