Off the Record (OTR)

Coolest clock we’ve ever seen!

As you know we don’t always write about sports. Hence, an entire section called “Not Sports.” So, when we saw this new Bargraph clock from Nuvitron, we wanted to write about it.

The Bargraph looks like no other clock we’ve seen and it also functions as a timer and sound-level meter depending on how you position it on a surface. You could use the sound meter during football games to see how loud you and your friends are.

But, here’s the truly cool part. It’s built with Cold War-era components. These Nixie tubes were originally intended for the Soviet Army, but went unused when LED technology usurped them. So, Nuvitron got a hold of a bunch of them and now they use them to make awesome clocks apparently.

We want a Bargraph and maybe you do too. If you do, you can go to their Kickstarter page and get one.

This seems like a must-have for any man cave. It’s a must-have for mine anyway.

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