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Local border patrol pulls out of Trump event

I know this isn’t sports, but everyone else is talking about Donald Trump, so why shouldn’t we? The Donald is making a trip to Laredo, Texas on Thursday, for some reasons that we don’t completely understand. He’s supposed to be getting more information on border security, which I’m not sure he’d be entitled to.

But, whatever.

So, the local border patrol union in Laredo has just pulled out of the event. I’m not sure exactly what their participation level was going to be (bringing the red solo cups?), but it will be null and void now.

The local 2455 border patrol union said that it consulted with the national union or something and – quite possibly – thought about what the hell they were doing and decided that it was best not to associate its brand with Donald Trump and his campaign.

Write it down in ink that I cannot wait for the GOP debates to begin. I pray to whatever god that is out there that Trump hangs in the race long enough to be in the debates. I’m already thinking about what kind of food and drink my debate party will have.

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