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Jordan leaving Clippers because Paul annoys him?

The Los Angeles Clippers don’t have a ton to be happy about these days. They just blew a 3-1 lead against the Houston Rockets and are now free to play golf. They may or may not be firing their coach and they may or may not be losing one of their best players.

Seems like everything is normal in Clippertown. Except things are even worse than normal.

Deandre Jordan is one of the premier defensive players in the NBA and is critical to the Clippers success. Yeah, that guy? He might walk in free agency because the team’s superstar, Chris Paul, rubs him the wrong way.

Sources tell Fox Sports that Paul annoys Jordan enough that he might just pursue free agency and play elsewhere.

Things aren’t good there,” the source said.

The source was then asked directly if Jordan could go elsewhere because he doesn’t like Paul. “Oh yeah,” the source said. “(Jordan) might leave. He really might.”

Other sources told Fox Sports that Paul can be difficult because he just wants to win so badly. That’s fine, but it’s tough to win when no good players want to be on your team because you are so obnoxious.

UPDATE: Deandre Jordan backed out on his verbal agreement to join the Mavericks and will be returning to the Los Angeles Clippers for the upcoming season. The Clippers look to compete once again for the top spot in the Western Conference and put on a show each night. Now might be the time to get Clippers tickets before they sell out!

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