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Anthony Bennett was blind as a bat

If this is true – and I believe it is – this might be an insult to bats everywhere. The Cleveland Cavaliers made UNLV too-big man Anthony Bennett the No. 1-overall pick in the NBA Draft in 2013. Since that time, they have really wished that they didn’t draft Anthony Bennett with the No. 1-overall pick in the NBA Draft.

But, maybe there was a reason he was so truly awful? It could help explain a lot…he couldn’t see!

“You see that white board?” Bennett said recently, pointing to a board about 10 feet away from him. “Last year, I couldn’t read the writing on it.”

“Anything far, I couldn’t really see,” Bennett said. “I couldn’t see the people in the stands. Now I can see the scoreboard. I can see what plays coach wants to run.”

You didn’t know what plays were being run? You didn’t mention this to anyone? You never saw “Major League?” I’m guessing you couldn’t see the basket as well. Knowing this it’s surprising he made even one shot all year!

Bennett had laser eye surgery to fix his issues. He couldn’t use contacts because he couldn’t put them in his eyes. Whether he was afraid to do so or just not coordinated enough isn’t known.

He shot 35.6% last year, a dreadful number by any standards. It’s early, but so far this year he’s already at 56.5%! One would have to think being able to see has helped him tremendously.

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