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Kurt Busch roughing up his girlfriend?

It’s easy to think that the NFL owns the patent on domestic abuse because so many players get in trouble for it, but as we all know, it can happen anywhere. And NASCAR driver Kurt Busch wants you to know that.

Authorities are investigating a possible domestic assault case involving Busch and his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll that occurred in his motorhome on a race weekend. Driscoll is the head of the Armed Forces Foundation, and they have now “suspended its association with Mr. Busch” due to “the serious nature of the allegations.”

“I want to, first and foremost, express the direct support from the Board of Directors of the Armed Forces Foundation to Ms. Driscoll,” AFF chairman Pat LaFrieda said. “For more than a decade, Ms. Driscoll has been a tireless worker and advocate for our nation’s service members, veterans, and military families. The Foundation will continue working to support service members, veterans, and military families and we ask that Ms. Driscoll’s privacy be respected.”

NASCAR said it’s aware of this incident and will call Roger Goodell so they can know exactly how to handle this matter properly to avoid a PR nightmare.

“We recognize the seriousness of this matter and are actively gathering information from all parties, including law enforcement authorities and Stewart-Haas Racing,” NASCAR chief communications officer Brett Jewkes said. “It would be inappropriate for NASCAR to comment further on this matter until we have more information.”

It there is something to these charges, it will be very interesting to see how NASCAR handles it.

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