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No long-term deal for Orakpo

Tuesday afternoon is the deadline for teams to sign players with the franchise tag to long-term deals. It doesn’t look like the Washington Redskins will be able to strike such a deal with outside linebacker Brian Orakpo.

Rick Tandler of said that the two sides came to the negotiating table with far different ideas of what would be an acceptable deal, and that they haven’t made much progress.

So, it looks like Orakpo will be playing this season on a one-year contract for $11.45 million. Worse things have happened.

For what it’s worth, Orakpo doesn’t feel like he has to prove anything to anyone in order to get a long-term contract.

“I have to prove myself again, huh?” Orakpo said. “I don’t have to prove myself to anybody. I’m already proven in this league. I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. That goes for fans, that goes for media. Anybody. I’m well-proven in this league. If it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t work out, but I don’t have to prove anything to anybody.”

The Redskins can let Orakpo walk after this year, or they can franchise him again (assuming no long-term contract is reached) at $13.7 million. Again, worse things have happened.

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