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Manziel is stupid, but not for partying

Oh, Johnny Football. The biggest knock on Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel coming out of Texas A&M was that he was a partier who wouldn’t be taking football seriously at the NFL level. So far, the first part seems to be true.

Manziel has been photographed and all over social media partying coast to coast. So much so, that the Browns reportedly asked him to tone it down a bit. That’s bad since he didn’t even hit his first training camp yet.

But, is partying Manziel’s greatest transgression? Maybe it is, but since we haven’t seen his performance on a football field yet, I can’t say that unequivocally. To me, the bigger problem is his instance on taking f*cking pictures! I mean, are you serious?

JohnnyManzielBieberMayweatherHis latest performance comes out in Los Angeles where he was partying with Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. We know because of this selfie. Apparently, the police had to be called to Bieber’s residence twice because of noise. What a douche; his neighbors must love him. But, different topic, different day.

Again, it’s one thing to be out with Biebs and Mayweather, but do you have to broadcast it? We live in a different era than Joe Namath did. And no one cared what Namath did because he could throw the hell out of a football. By posting all of these photos (or even just allowing yourself to be photographed knowing that someone is going to post it) you are just essentially throwing it in the face of the Cleveland Browns. It makes Manziel look bad; it makes the Browns look bad.

I get it, Manziel is young and he’s going to go out and party even if all people his age don’t act that way. But for the love of god, be a little quieter about it. You’re looking like a jagoff and you haven’t even taken a snap yet.

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