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Bills will move Stevie Johnson? (hint: they did)

StevieJohnsonThe Buffalo Bills have been throwing some draft picks at wide receiver lately. They took Robert Woods last year in the second round, and just moved up Thursday night to nab Sammy Watkins, who is widely considered to be the best wide receiver in this year’s draft.

Also, don’t forget that they moved a sixth-round pick this year to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Mike Williams. So, they seem to be set on the outside with Watkins and Williams and with Woods operating in the slot. Or wherever.

So, where does that leave Stevie Williams? Williams clashed with the new coaches last year a bit and is due $3.65 million in salary this season. That’s not a ton, but it’s probably more than the Bills want to pay for a guy that may not have much of a role at this point.

WGR 550 in Buffalo expects the team to do “what they can” to get something for Johnson. He’s signed for the next three years with some pretty hefty cap hits, including $8.5 million in 2014. The Bills would have to eat a big portion of that if they trade him.

They probably don’t care. They need to see if they can salvage a pick for him as they have too many wide receivers. Too bad no one told the Bills that a deep stable of wide receivers never won anything in the NFL. This team will still live and die with E.J. Manuel and that’s not great news.

UPDATE: That was fast. Bills send Johnson to the 49ers for a fourth-round pick.

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