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Vikings love Mettenberger unless they don’t

ZachMettenbergerOh, this time of year is so full of nonsense for NFL fans. Reports of so-and-so loves this guy in the draft and they’ll move up to get him are such garbage. If a team really thinks something about a player, why on god’s green Earth would they leak it to a media member.

That’s what I thought when I read draft expert Tony Pauline’s report about the Minnesota Vikings being in love with LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger. He writes that Mettenberger is their guy in the second round:

Earlier this week I reported that insiders informed me the Minnesota Vikings hope to select one of the higher rated linebackers early in round one (Khalil Mack being their preference) then grab their quarterback in round two. Zach Mettenberger being their signal caller of choice. Since then more sources have confirmed my report, verifying the team is high on Mettenberger who they believe is a perfect fit for Norv Turner’s system. Depending on how he does at pro-day next week many question if Mettenberger will even be available to Minnesota in round two.

So, why would anyone familiar with the Vikings’ thinking tell you this, Tony? The draft is all about deception and fooling other teams into thinking that you think one way, but really don’t. That’s not to say the Vikings have no interest in Mettenberger, but if they really loved him, why would they tell you that?

Remember when Mike Shanahan drafted Jay Cutler? They never interviewed him or brought him in for a workout. No one had any clue that they had any interest in him because of it. They sure as hell didn’t leak their interest to the press beforehand.

This is just another report to take with a grain of salt.

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