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Griffin III not involved in Gruden hire

RobertGriffinIIIOn one hand, players play, coaches coach and general managers…generally manage? Players are not supposed to help decide who their next boss will be.

But, in the case of the Washington Redskins and quarterback Robert Griffin III, he probably should at least have been asked considering how his sour relationship with Mike Shanahan played a large part in the sinking of the team’s 2013 season.

A source tells PFT that RGIII actually had zero input on the Jay Gruden hire and perhaps still hasn’t even spoken with the new coach. That seems a little odd, but whatever.

It’s now Gruden’s job to make something of RGIII. I highly doubt that he’s going to keep that read-option crap that ultimately did nothing more for Griffin than get him hurt. RGIII was on a path to a career destroyed by injuries; it’s now Gruden’s job to fix that.

Not an easy task when you consider that Griffin’s legs add so much to his game. They still can help, but now is when he learns to become a pocket passer or finds another home.

If it doesn’t work out, he could be working at Subway instead of endorsing them.

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