Of course the Indians aren’t interested in Abreu

BobbyAbreuNot that long ago, Tony Lastoria of was telling us how the Cleveland Indians were interested in going after Bobby “I didn’t even play last year” Abreu. Well, that didn’t last.

Several people have now refuted that report, including Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“Heard Tribe not all that interested in Bobby Abreu,” Hoynes tweets.

So much for that. Apparently, the Indians feel they are set in terms of outfielders who totally dog it on defense and barely make an effort if a fly ball goes near a wall. They also have plenty of players, in their opinion, that can commit stupid base running mistakes and then act like they don’t care after they kill a two-out rally by getting picked off of second (again).

So, no, the Indians don’t need Abreu.

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