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The Knicks blow worse than you think

JRSmithThe New York Knicks are not good at basketball. They are 7-16 and would be in the basement of Atlantic Division if not for the truly putrid Philadelphia 76ers.

But, the dysfunction runs deeper than just a poor win/loss record. Apparently, after the Knicks lost to the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night, head coach Mike Woodson and J.R. Smith exchanged “heated words.”

According to what a source told the New York Daily News, it sounds like Smith is the horse’s back side in this ordeal. The source said that Goodson had admonished Smith during the Bulls game for poor shot selection. That kind of thing is…the coach’s job.

After that, Smith apparently had some not-so-nice things to say on the bench, which Goodson didn’t appreciate.

But, Goodson, according to the source, kept his mouth shut until after the game. He told Smith that he didn’t really like the fact that he was being spoken to in that manner, especially because Goodson has been in Smith’s corner for the last two years.

“Mike said that after all I’ve done for you I can’t have you talking back to me like that,” the source said.

The source said that Smith made a lewd comment, which got this all started.

There are two sides to every story, but this one sounds like Smith is being a dick. This is what happens when you lose. Guys become dicks.

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