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Marlins open to trading Nolasco? No way!

RickyNolascoThe Miami Marlins were serious buyers not too long ago. They brought in a ton of “talent” before the 2012 season to open up their new stadium and sell their team to the ticket-buying public. Then, a funny thing happened. They blew. So, they sold everyone off not named Giancarlo Stanton.

Now? They still blow. Hard. Very hard. So, it should come as no shock that they are again willing to sell off anyone not named Giancarlo Stanton (and he’ll be shipped off at some point too).

A source tells that the Marlins are very open to trading starting pitcher Ricky Nolasco. He’s pitched pretty well this season with a 3.61 ERA, but do you really think it matters, Eddie? This team is terrible, what do you need with a decent pitcher who is making $11.5 million this year and is a free agent after the season?

The Marlins are reportedly looking for a mid-level prospect in exchange for Nolasco. That sounds fair. Unlike what they probably want for Stanton.

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