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JaMarcus could Jareturn to JaNFL?

JaMarcusRussellLast year at this time, it was widely considered to be fact that former Oakland Raiders No. 1-overall pick JaMarcus Russell was through in the NFL. He was overweight, didn’t work or study hard, wasn’t very good at football and had a little issue with the sizzurp.

But, apparently he’s been trying to make a comeback in the NFL (why are we going to guess that he needs the money despite banking almost $40 million in his short NFL career), and it might not be as big of a joke as you think. One NFL scout tells Mike Freeman of that teams are taking notice of his efforts.

“I’ve been following his comeback story pretty closely,” the scout said. “I think a lot of teams are. Good chance he gets a second shot.”

Freeman goes on to say that he’s told that several teams are monitoring his comeback attempt. No, the entire league isn’t fixated on him, but a few teams are. And the answer is an obvious one: there aren’t that many dependable quarterbacks out there.

There are so many bad quarterbacks and if there is a chance to find a diamond in the rough, then they’ll turn over that stone and look at the fat guy underneath (actually, Russell has lost some 30 lbs., so he should be down in the 270 range).

The bottom line is that at some point in Russell’s career he showed enough that a team took him with the first-overall selection in the 2007 draft. So, he must be able to do something besides eat and slam purple drank.

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