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Is Smith trade Andy’s first big mistake in K.C.?

AlexSmithSeveral days ago, there was a report that the San Francisco 49ers had a deal in place to trade quarterback Alex Smith. We didn’t know who the other team was, but most expected it was the Kansas City Chiefs or Arizona Cardinals. Then, reports came out that there was no deal in place. So, when this latest report came out, we hardly raised an eyebrow.

Even though it’s apparently fact now, according to Jay Glazer. The Niners it would seem do, indeed, have a deal to send Smith to the Chiefs.

“49ers have completed a trade with the Chiefs for Alex Smith, tho can’t be official til March 12. Chiefs really made a commitment to Smith,” Glazer tweets.

And it seems like the Niners got a pretty sweet deal. They are getting the Chiefs second-round pick this year (34th…how can it be 34th if they have the top pick in the draft and there are only 32 teams? Someone get a compensatory pick? How would that happen? I want answers! Schefter says it’s the second pick in the second round) and a conditional mid-round pick in the 2014 draft.

That’s a lot for an overpaid backup QB who only had success in the NFL for the first time two seasons ago. Until then, he was a complete bust of a No. 1-overall draft pick.

In Philadelphia, Andy Reid made a series of mistakes that ultimately led to his demise. Some weren’t his fault. Michael Vick was utterly brilliant in 2010 and everyone was on board with paying him a ton of money and making him your guy (unless, you know, you love dogs). And Kevin Kolb had just about proven that he wasn’t the guy, yet still had trade value…so that decision was simple. Ultimately, Vick turned out to not be the guy you want to hang your hat on. He’s a turnover machine, lousy leader, can’t run like he used to, and makes putrid decisions. So, that was a huge mistake, but an understandable one.

Then came the big mistakes. He brought in Jim Washburn to coach the defensive line…before he hired his defensive coordinator. So, no legitimate defensive coordinators were willing to come to Philly, because they’d be forced to have a-hole Washburn as their line coach and that meant using the terrible Wide 9 scheme. So, what do you then?

Well, you hire the only guy willing to take the job. You hire Juan Castillo, who has been your offensive line coach for the past 50 years.

How could this go wrong?

Then, you bring in a bunch of high-priced free agents whose talent doesn’t match the name on the jerseys and you mix it all up into a big pot of crap stew and you end up with a 4-12 2012 season and Andy is fired. Presto.

So, now we look at Andy in Kansas City. The Alex Smith trade is his first big move in town. Can he work with him? Can he make him productive like he did with A.J. Feeley? Andy loves to chuck it around the field, but he does know that Smith can’t throw deep, correct? Forget the arm strength issues, he’s flat-out inaccurate when trying to hit someone long. I hope Andy is okay with that.

The Chiefs are expected to cut Matt Cassel (phew!) so it doesn’t seem like Andy had any plans to ever work with him. It’s Andy and Alex now. Tie them together. With Donovan McNabb and Ray Rhodes’ defense, Andy made it work. Now, he has to make it work with Alex. If you don’t have a quarterback, you can’t win in the NFL. If Alex Smith isn’t the guy, you can put money on the Chiefs looking for a new head coach in 2015.

Time’s yours.

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