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Niners don’t have deal in place for Smith?

AlexSmithAll of this talk needs to be prefaced with the fact that everyone in the NFL lies all the time, but more so this time of year. As we approach the draft and free agency, everyone puts out a ton of nonsense.

The most recent nonsense centers on the rumors that the San Francisco 49ers have a deal in place with another team to trade quarterback Alex Smith. Another team has not been identified, but the Kansas City Chiefs keep popping up as a logical home for him.

Well, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, those rumors aren’t true and the Niners do not, in fact, have a deal in place to move Smith on March 12th (when the trading period begins).

“With the caveat that everyone fibs at this time of the year: I’m told the #49ers do not have a trade deal in place for Alex Smith,” Barrows tweets.

No one believes that San Fran is going to keep a backup QB in town at $8.5 million. That’s just not happening. The question is if there is no legitimate interest from teams knowing that he’ll eventually be cut and they can just sign him without giving up compensation.

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