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RGIII could get ruined

RobertGriffinIIIIf these reports are to be believed, shame on everyone involved. Washington Redskins superstud quarterback Robert Griffin III was bruised and battered to end his rookie campaign. He had to have surgery to repair the ACL and LCL in his right knee. He was banged up good.

He just had the surgery on January 9th and we aren’t even out of February yet. So, why are people talking about him being ready for Week 1? How would anyone know? Adam Schefter recently cited team and league sources and said that Griffin III has a legitimate chance to start the 2013 season. Whatever the hell that means; talk about a report that covers your ass either way.

And what about the Adidas ad campaign with RG III that says “All in for Week 1”? He just had surgery. Jesus, people.

One source close to Griffin III told Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports that is seems like there is a lot of external pressure on the young kid to get rushed back onto the football field.

“I don’t understand why we’re talking about how close he is to playing or not right now,” the source said. “Let him just get better; there’s a long way to go.”

Even RGIII had to back off all of the “I’ll be good to go Week 1” talk.

“Feel like I need to say this,” Griffin tweeted. “Although my goal is to start Week 1, that doesn’t mean I will compromise my career to do so.”

Dr. James Andrews, one of the most trusted doctors in all of sports, has even jumped into the “he should be fine” game.

“We have him well on his way,” Andrews said. “His recovery is way ahead of schedule so far. We don’t have to do much but try to hold him back, if you want to know the truth. Our whole mode for him, though, is to do what is best for his career, not necessarily what is best for the first game next season. So all of that has to be put on hold and let him get well.”

At least he qualified it at the end. And let’s not forget what Griffin III will be returning to on the field: the stupid-ass read option. The way he is asked to run and take additional hits is not conducive to his long-term health.

You can probably tie the life span of the read option to the career length of RGIII. It sounds like they are rushing him back and they are going to absolutely destroy his career in just about every way possible.

Hopefully, he’s being smart with his money, because the Redskins aren’t being smart with him.

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