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Packers could franchise Jennings?

GregJenningsYou can file this under, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” It’s long been common knowledge that the Green Bay Packers and WR Greg Jennings were going to part ways following this season. Jennings is still a really nice player, but the Packers have the likes of Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb on the roster and don’t need to sink more money into that position.

But, Ian Rapoport of is hearing that the team is considering holding onto Jennings via the franchise tag.

“Interesting to hear the #Packers are still considering franchising Greg Jennings. Thought that ship had sailed. Apparently not,” Rapoport tweets.

Who knows what will happen, but at OTR, we believe all of the reports and rumors this time of year that are related to the Combine, draft and free agency. As David St. Hubbins famously proclaimed, “I believe everything I read, which makes me more of a selective human than someone who doesn’t believe anything.” He’s spot on.

Conventional wisdom still has Jennings signing a deal with the Miami Dolphins. They desperately need a wide receiver (several of them actually) and Jennings has a previous working relationship with Joe Philbin.

It would cost the Packers about $10 million to slap Jennings with the tag. And we found that number on the internet, so you can write that down in pen.

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