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Chiefs looking at Alex Smith?

NFC Championship - New York Giants v San Francisco 49ersThere are tons of rumors swirling regarding the Kansas City Chiefs and their quarterback situation. Andy Reid probably doesn’t like Matt Cassel because they have tape of him playing football. So, the thinking is that they’ll look to trade for a QB, since the draft class is very weak at the position.

There are a couple of quarterbacks that would make sense for the Chiefs. The first would be Nick Foles, whom everyone thinks will be shipped out of Philadelphia because he doesn’t remotely fit Chip Kelly’s system. That, and the Eagles are bringing back Michael Vick (big mistake). The Eagles say they will only move Foles if they get a good price, with Kelly even saying this past week that he wants to keep him (total BS). Andy drafted Foles and could want to bring him to his new home in Missouri.

The other potential guy that Andy could target is San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith. He’s due to make $8.5 million next year and is clearly a backup to Colin Kaepernick at this point. You don’t pay that kind of dough to a backup, regardless of what head coach Jim Harbaugh is saying publicly.

“I think the main thing is that Alex is an excellent football player,” Harbaugh said. “Alex is really playing the best football of his career the last two years. We think we got the best quarterback situation in the National Football League, feel strongly about that. Again, that’ll be a process that plays out. Alex Smith continuing to be a 49er or if a trade occurs in the next weeks or months. Those are the two possibilities, most likely possibilities.”

Stop it, you’re trading him and everyone knows it. And, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the most likely destination is to the Chiefs, although we shouldn’t rule out the Arizona Cardinals. However, the Cardinals are trying to re-work Kevin Kolb’s contract, so they could be looking to stand pat with him, even if they shouldn’t.

We’ll see what happens, but all of this public posturing is only to drive up the demand and price for guys like Smith and Foles. It’s Combine and Draft time in the NFL, so I don’t believe any rumor or on-record statement of any team official.

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