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Bynum to practice in two weeks?

AndrewBynumHow about “I’ll believe this when I see it”? The Philadelphia 76ers traded for Andrew Bynum what seems like years ago. Not only has he not played in a game for them, he hasn’t even sniffed the practice court.

Could that be changing? According Tom Moore of, Bynum is now saying that he’s going to practice in the next 1-2 weeks.

“#Sixers #Bynum says he expects to practice in ‘a week or two,’ but is confident he will play this season,” Moore tweets.

Uh huh. Bynum has been full of fake timetables for his return all season. It is honestly a good argument that he never suits up for the Sixers. Probably the worst thing that could happen is that he plays the final few weeks and looks phenomenal. Then, the Sixers get duped into signing him to a ginormous contract and they play this same injury game every year until they decide to amnesty him.

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