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Jets are alienating Revis

DarrelleRevisThe New York Jets can do just about nothing right. Their team is a complete mess and is constantly surrounded by a circus atmosphere. Well, let the circus continue.

The Jets have one true superstar, and that’s Darrelle Revis. And we don’t know where they came from, but there are plenty of Revis trade rumors out there that have been circulating for about a month. So, did the Jets reach out to Revis to quell the storm?


“I need answers, and I’m not getting any,” Revis said on NFL Network. “Just the fact that (those rumors were) put out there instead of contacting your best player. … If that’s how you want to do business, then that’s fine.”

Yikes. New general manager John Idzik is off to a hot start!

You’d at least think that there would be some sort of priority placed on communicating with him and at least letting him know what their thought process is. One would think that he’s at least earned that.

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