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Santana won’t pitch in WBC

JohanSantanaThere were so many Venezuelans who were literally on the edge of their seats wondering whether New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana would pitch for their country in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. Will he? Won’t he? Because the outcome of the WBC is SO IMPORTANT that they need all of their best players!

Well, enter Jon “cold water thrower” Heyman from He tweets that Santana will not pitch in the WBC, which should just be a death blow to the changes of Venezuela.

“Was made clear today johan santana will start opening day, will NOT pitch in wbc (neither a surprise). #mets,” Heyman tweets.

The Venezuelan people know that anything less than a first-place finish in this uber-important tournament of countries, will make them ineligible for all foreign aid in coming years. At least, until the next WBC in three years. The Venezuelans don’t know that they were just being lied to by United States president Barack Obama, who thinks jokes like these are funny.

But, in all seriousness this is not a shocker at all. Santana had major arm surgery not all that long ago and the Mets desperately need him to have a strong season.

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