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Browns to trade Weeden?

BrandonWeedenWhile Brandon Weeden was hardly Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III in his rookie season, he wasn’t awful either. Yes, he threw 17 picks, but also slung it for 3,385 yards (maybe they were trailing in games?) and in general wasn’t awful considering he was a rookie with no real wide receiver help. Now that I bring that up, can anyone remember the last great receiver the Browns had? Was Kevin Johnson great? Brian Brennan? Andre Rison? Paul Warfield? Quincy Morgan? Reggie Langhorne? The Ice Cube?

But I digress. My original point was that the National Football Post is “reporting” that there is a chance that the Cleveland Browns will try to trade Weeden. He is the property of the previous regime and NFP is hearing that Mike Lombardi and Joe Banner aren’t big fans of his.

I’m not exactly sure what the trade market would be for a second-year QB that will turn 30 in October, but the Browns will probably try to find out.

The bigger question is: Who are the Browns expecting to play QB for them? They aren’t easy to find and if my choices were to keep Weeden vs. bring in Tarvaris Jackson to compete for a starting job like the Buffalo Bills are doing, I’ll keep Weeden.

While Weeden is hardly Luck, check out their numbers. Yes, Luck threw for about 1,000 more yards than Weeden did and had nine more passing TD’s, but he only has four points on him in passer rating. Weeden completed 57.4% of his passes compared to 54.1% for Luck. Luck threw one more interception than Weeden. And Luck has Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton to pitch in. Weeden has…Josh Gordon?

My point is that the Browns better have a great Plan B if they just want to dump Weeden to the curb. Maybe they have Kelly Holcomb’s cell phone number.

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