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Turkoglu suspended 20 games for steroids

HedoTurkogluOrlando Magic big man Hedo Turkoglu has been a a productive NBA player for quite a long time now. But, maybe now we know why.

According to Howard Beck of the New York Times, Turkoglu has been busted for taking menthenolone, which is a steroid. Well done, Hedo.

“NBA has suspended Orlando’s Hedo Turkoglu for 20 games, for violating drug policy. Turkoglu tested positive for methenolone, league says,” Beck tweets.

This is the same stuff that A-Rod reportedly tested positive for back in 2003, so you know it must be the good stuff. Just such a shame that these stories don’t even cause a ripple anymore. And it does such a huge disservice to amazing athletes everywhere who are clean. How can you trust any of them?

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