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Report: Vikings looking to trade Harvin

PercyHarvinYou know you must have some personality problems when you are as young and talented as Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin and the team is supposedly looking to trade you. Especially when it doesn’t seem money-related, but rather jerk-related.

We mentioned previously that Harvin had some dust-ups with coaches, but that Leslie Frazier was doing his best to make it seem like no big deal.

Well, according to what sources have told WCCO‘s Mike Max, the incident was a much bigger deal than anyone led on and that was a much bigger reason for him going on IR than his ankle injury.

Max is told that he was sent to IR mainly because of a huge blowup that he had with Frazier. Many people think it’s a bad idea to openly scream at your coach, but to each his own I guess. And it was supposedly in front of other teammates and even they thought he was being ridiculous. Great, so now you/ve pissed off just about everyone in the entire organization, Percy.

Because of this incident, Max is told, that the Vikings will try to trade him. He’s one of the most dynamic players in all of football, but he does get dinged up and…well, berates his superiors. It’s because of the latter that we can’t see the Vikings getting a first-rounder for him. Maybe they can get a second, but we won’t know until the draft gets closer.

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