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Niners get more anti-gay

AhmadBrooksSomeone needs to remind the 49ers that they play football in San Francisco. The city is very well known as a liberal, pro-gay town and pretty much everyone outside of the 49ers players seems to know that.

So, one would think that you wouldn’t want to alienate a certain part of your fan base (even if it’s not a huge faction) by making anti-gay comments like Chris Culliver did this week. But, the comments were still made and now it seems like Ahmad Brooks and Isaac Sopoaga aren’t helping matters.

Here, they did this nice thing by supporting the gay rights movement by taping “It Gets Better” videos not too long ago. The videos are aimed at gay youth who are getting bullied, who can at times be pushed to the point of suicide. So, well done, Ahmad and Isaac, right?

Nope, they don’t even remember making the videos and they had to be shown the footage to remember what anyone was even talking about.

“Oh, that. It was an anti-bullying video, not a gay (rights) video,” Brooks said.

Sigh. What the F difference does it make, Ahmad? It makes a difference to Dan Savage, the founder of It Gets Better, who decided to pull the video after the recent players’ response to taping it.

“We don’t want videos of people who didn’t realize what they were doing,” said Savage. “It’s a project specifically aimed at LGBT kids and their unique need for support and role models.”

Here is the recut version with Ricky Jean Francois and Donte Whitner. They actually remembered making the video.

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