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Report: Bosch injected A-Rod personally

AlexRodriguezI don’t know if any of us should be shocked by this. Alex Rodriguez has already tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and also admitted it. This was a few years ago, but by all indications, he hasn’t stopped.

Anthony Bosch owned a clinic in Coral Gables, FL called Biogenesis of America. He was basically providing many athletes with PED’s and the client roster is long and dignified. And a source tells ESPN that Bosch personally drove to A-Rod’s home in Biscayne Bay to administer the drugs.

Usually, there were associates who were in charge of getting the athletes the PED, but the source says that “only Tony handled A-Rod.”

The source said that Bosch had visited A-Rod for a drug visit as recently as last spring. But, they said the visit didn’t go very well while he was injecting him and Bosch got kicked out.

“Tony said A-Rod was pissed at him,” a source said. “He said he was bleeding everywhere.”

So, this story leads you to wonder…just what kinds of PED’s has A-Rod been taking? You don’t inject HGH or testosterone. Sounds like he was on the hard stuff. He could have used a supplement like Genf20, which provides the same benefits of HGH without any injecting. Moron. What a bum, no wonder the Yankees can’t wait to get rid of him.

For what it’s worth, an A-Rod rep says that “the allegations are not true.”

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