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Mark Grace gets four months in slammer

MarkGraceFormer Arizona Diamondback and Chicago Cub (and maybe some other teams too, we aren’t going to look though) Mark Grace has gotten himself into some trouble. And the Arizona community has let him know that they don’t appreciate multiple drunk driving arrests.

Grace was arrested in August on charges of aggravated DUI. It was his second DUI in 15 months. That’s not very good.

He was facing a lengthy jail sentence, but pleaded guilty to DUI and endangerment and was given four months behind bars.

From USA Today:

[A] judge imposed a sentence that includes work-release jail time as well as three years of supervised probation. Additionally, an Interlock device must be installed in his vehicle for six months and he will need permission to travel out of state.

His arrest preceded his firing from the Diamondbacks broadcast booth. We don’t know what he’s doing for work now.

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