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Mets interested in Oswalt?

RoyOswaltA few teams in the NL East have made big headlines this offseason. The Atlanta Braves acquired both of the Upton brothers. The Washington Nationals are a very strong team that added Soriano to their bullpen. The Miami Marlins….sold off their entire team besides Giancarlo Stanton.

The New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies were the two teams that really didn’t do much, although the Mets did add Shaun Marcum. The Mets look destined for fourth or fifth place this year, and there is probably not much they can do about it.

Unless….no, wait. They could get Roy Oswalt??

Yes, they are rumored to be interested in the 35-year old right-hander with constant back problems. He had a 5.80 ERA with the Texas Rangers last year, but has shown that if he’s healthy he can still be effective.

If they are able to land Oswalt, it could literally double the number of people who have no interest in the Mets.

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