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Phillies solidify outfield with…Delmon Young?

DelmonYoungThe Philadelphia Phillies have what looks like a terrible outfield heading into the 2013 season. They added Ben Revere for centerfield, and that’s great and all because he’s fast, but he also has a rag arm and never hits anything other than singles. Other than that, you’ve got who knows what in Dom Brown and Darrin Ruf, who you are hoping can prove that he belongs in the Majors.

So, considering that the team is thinking about a double platoon out there (ouch), they desperately need help. And since all the free agents have pretty much signed elsewhere, the Phillies have turned to Delmon Young.

That’s right, the Phillies signed the 27-year old to a one-year, incentive-laden deal.

Young has a .702 OPS during the past two seasons, although he’s been pretty good against lefties. Yes, that means he should have been signed as a DH for an American League team.

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