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Ryan would have played in the Super Bowl

MattRyanThe Atlanta Falcons did it again. They blew another huge lead for the second week in a row, but this time they couldn’t come back. Up 17-0 early, they jumped on the San Francisco 49ers only to watch that lead slowly melt away during the game. They ended up getting sent home 28-24, but there was injury added to insult.

QB Matt Ryan got smoked pretty good towards the end of the game and was driven into the ground. His left shoulder got crushed pretty well and he was holding it the rest of the game. Good news for the Falcons though, it looks like he just sprained his AC joint and that he’ll be alright.

“Smith says Matt Ryan has a sprained left shoulder. If the Falcons would have won, he would have played in two weeks. #RiseUp,” the Falcons tweeted with the audacity to include the #riseup hashtag even though they lost.

So, if you were planning on doing some NFL betting on the Super Bowl in two weeks, Matt Ryan’s health won’t be a concern for you. We’re joking of course.

Ryan should be back to normal in about 3-4 weeks when no one will care.

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