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Andre Smith’s cold, dead hands

AndreSmithCincinnati Bengals right tackle Andre Smith was the No. 6-overall pick in the 2009 draft, but early on hardly lived up to expectations. From his flabalanche 40-yard dash in the Combine to his holdout to him being moved to the right side, he just got off to a rough start.

But, after he got it going, he became a really nice right tackle in the NFL. So much so, that he’s expected to get a decent payday this offseason as he hits free agency.

As long as, you know, he doesn’t do something stupid…like…say, try to bring a loaded handgun onto a plane. Maybe he was afraid Obama was going to raid his house and steal it if he left it in his residence.

So yeah, he was arrested after police found a loaded .380 pistol in his carry-on bag.

“We continue to remind passengers of the importance of looking through carry-on bags to ensure there are no prohibited items inside,” said Jon Allen, TSA spokesman.

We wonder if they found it when he was that a-hole trying to cram his bag into an already-crowded overhead compartment and holding up everyone else from getting into their seats. Maybe it fell out or they heard a distinct “clink” sound as he kept ramming it against another hard object up there. That’s why you just stick your bag under your seat and be done with it.

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