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Bryant acknowledges that this is most taxing year

Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans HornetsAt 17-21 and in third place in the Pacific Division, the Los Angeles Lakers are, at best, a mediocre basketball team. It seems odd that a team with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol could be anything less than pretty darn good.

But, that’s not the case and the Lakers are struggling. Bryant is having a brilliant individual season, averaging 29.9 points per game, almost a full 4.5 ppg higher than his career average. Still, he says that this season is the most challenging and physically taxing of his career.

“It’s the most challenging in terms of trying to figure out which button to push to try to get us turned around, from a leadership perspective,” Bryant said via USA Today. “Physically, it’s probably the most taxing one.”

Bryant is 34-years old, which isn’t ancient, but when it seems like the load of the entire team is on your back, it can be draining. He was asked if he can maintain this level of play for an entire season.

“I don’t know,” Bryant said. “I’m in great shape. Physically I feel fine. Obviously, after the games, I’m sore as hell. But I do quite a bit to recover and by the next game, I’m fine.”

Maybe Dwight Howard could chip in and help by crying for a trade.

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