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Stunner: Eagles hire Chip Kelly

ChipKelly1Not sure what else to say about this one, but wow. After telling the Philadelphia Eagles several weeks ago that he was going to return to the University of Oregon, Chip Kelly has decided to take the head coaching position and jump to the NFL.

ESPN‘s Chris Mortensen had it first.

“Chip Kelly is the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, according to league sources. No announcement yet,” Mort tweeted.

This is absolutely shocking, coming a day after it was all but certain that the Eagles would reign in Gus Bradley. Whether you are excited about this hiring or not (I’m not), it makes you wonder what changed.

Did the Eagles call Kelly with a better offer after not being thrilled with Bradley or any of the other candidates? Did Kelly possibly get new information about sanctions coming to the Oregon program?

Regardless, doesn’t this have to make you wonder about the character of Chip Kelly? One potential Oregon recruit tweeted that Kelly was at his house two days ago. How you can you trust a guy like this? Or maybe that’s just what we’ve come to expect from NCAA coaches anymore. People like Kelly, Bobby Petrino, Nick Saban and a host of others just can’t be trusted at their word.

Moving forward as a pragmatic matter, one wonders what Kelly will do in the NFL. Will he try to force his unique read-option into an offense that wouldn’t have the proper QB if Nick Foles is the guy? Will he take his creative mind and work with what he has, building around that?

And that brings us to another concern: Michael Vick. Vick still has enough athleticism to run Kelly’s offense, or at the very least he’s your best option considering the current market options through free agency and the draft. But…you’d be bringing Michael Vick back. That turns our stomachs.

Contrary to what so many players like to think, Vick is a lousy leader. His decision making is awful and he’s a turnover machine. Also, he’s due $15.5 million next season and it’s believed that he won’t restructure his deal. Awesome.

So yeah, we’ll wait to see how this plays out, but right now we smell Steve Spurrier.

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