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Report: Gronkowski’s broken arm in different place

RobGronkowskiWhen New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski busted his arm again against the Houston Texans in last weekend’s Divisional Round, it was thought that he rushed back too quickly from the first broken arm. Most just assumed it never fully healed and re-snapped it.

Well, a source tells that this new break had nothing to do with the original crack and that it is in a different spot.

The source said that it “had nothing to do with whether the arm was ready or not.”

So great, he’s got fragile arms? His arms = Charles Rogers’ clavicles?

Regardless, he’ll be fine long term, but they don’t have him for this weekend’s AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, they can win without Gronk, but it just makes things that much harder.

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