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Burke fired in Toronto…timing a little odd?

BrianBurkeTwitter is aghast at the news that the Toronto Maple Leafs have fired general manager Brian Burke. I can’t say that I’m entirely shocked, but wouldn’t you agree that the timing is a little curious? You can fire employees during a lockout, right?

Regardless, I would think that if the Leafs were genuinely unhappy with his job performance (as they probably should be), that they would have canned him right after the season.

I mean, you only really need to look at one fact: Burke has been the general manager since 2008 and they haven’t made the playoffs during that time. What else do you want to know? Wait until we see how the JVR trade pans out?

The Leafs finished 13th in the conference last year and something needed to be done. Many think it’s about time that Burke was shown the door; I just think the timing is a little odd.

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