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Harvin no longer a Viking?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Seattle SeahawksWe aren’t sure exactly what went down between Percy Harvin and the Minnesota Vikings. This past offseason, he supposedly wanted to be traded. People thought he was upset about his contract, but he said he wasn’t. Apparently, he wasn’t thrilled about how he was used. Whatever. It’s also been widely known that he and Leslie Frazier don’t get along all that well. Whatever.

The fact remains that Harvin was an early-season candidate for NFL MVP and is one of the most explosive players in the league. Oh, and he’s on a team with one good player on offense. You’d think the Vikings will overlook what they have to and just keep him.

Well, QB Christian Ponder doesn’t know about that. He told KFAN on Tuesday that he’s not sure if Harvin will be back.

“I’m not sure, I don’t know,” Ponder told Paul Allen. “We’ll see. I mean, we’ll see how everything shakes out. I’m not sure what Rick Spielman’s gonna be doing. Obviously, it’d be nice to have him. He’s a heck of a player.”

The next quote is the telling one. Why does Ponder refer to him as a past teammate? He’s still on the team and he isn’t dead, so we don’t know why Ponder – consciously or otherwise – spoke about him this way.

“You know, he busts his butt all the time when he was here,” Ponder said. “When he was out on the field, no one worked harder than him. Obviously, everyone saw how tough he was physically and mentally. And he had a lot of leadership qualities. He was a good teammate.”

Hmmm…that makes it sound like Harvin ain’t coming back.

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