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Cowboys fire Rob Ryan

RobRyanSomeone amongst the Dallas Cowboys brass wasn’t happy with the defense’s performance in 2012. After a really nice start, the defense was stricken with injuries and just got worse and worse.

And that didn’t please someone because, according to Jets beat writer Brian Costello (talk to Rex?), the Cowboys have fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

“Not sure if this is out there but I just heard the Cowboys have fired Rob Ryan,” Costello tweets.

Ryan has since confirmed his firing, saying “I’ll be out of work for like 5 minutes.”

While Ryan has some issues, we don’t think the defense falling apart was his fault. Sure, the side of the ball he was responsible for didn’t do well, but how many defenses will thrive while getting next to nothing out of Jay Ratliff and losing Sean Lee and Bruce Carter?

Injuries aren’t an excuse, but they kind of are.

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