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Hockey coming back, but not Tim Thomas?

Montreal Canadiens v Boston BruinsMany people – including us – were excited at the news that it looks likely that we’ll have NHL hockey this season. But, not everyone seems so giddy.

Specifically, Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas. He has been dealing with a self-imposed exile from the game and, according to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, it looks like that will continue “as of now.”

“As of now, subject to usual “could change mind later” qualifiers, TIm Thomas is not interested in ending his self-imposed hockey exile,” McKenzie tweets.

This doesn’t necessarily make a ton of sense. With the lockout ending, we are looking at a shortened season. He’s 38-years old and in the last year of his contract. Why wouldn’t he just play the year out and then retire? If he plans on taking a year or so off, who is going to be thrilled about bringing in a 40-year old? Sure it could/would probably happen (someone would kick his tires at the very least), but why not just play the short season and be done with it?

Then again, it seems that Thomas in general is a different breed of cat.

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