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Chip Kelly staying put at Oregon?

ChipKellyAs someone who follows the Philadelphia Eagles, I’m praying that this report from CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora is true. He’s told by sources that Chip Kelly is planning on staying at the University of Oregon.

“Hearing from more sources that Chip Kelly is in fact staying at Oregon. Still nothing official from him or the school however. So we’ll see,” La Canfora tweets.

The Eagles met with Kelly for what seemed like all day on Saturday. Supposedly, they were pushing very hard for him to come to Philly and bring that read-option nonsense.

I don’t know who the Eagles should make their next head coach. I do know that I don’t want Kelly. Maybe he’d be great, but personally, I don’t want a college coach with no NFL pedigree whatsoever.

Not only that, the only person they could get their hands on to run his read-option (the same offense that got RG III hurt) would be Michael Vick. I want no parts of Vick. I’m done with him and the $15.5 million he’s owed next year. And Nick Foles can absolutely not run the read-option.

So, let’s hope this report is true and that Kelly stays put.

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