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Romo detained at Las Vegas airport

AxelFoleyAs one athlete named Romo threw three interceptions to urinate the playoffs hopes of his Dallas Cowboys directly into the toilet, another Romo was having issues of his own. San Francisco Giants pitcher Sergio Romo was detained by airport security in Las Vegas for being belligerent. And on New Year’s Day, no less!

Apparently, he couldn’t produce sufficient I.D. to clear security and became “angry and aggressive.” Law enforcement sources told that he appeared to be under the influence.

Cops came in and cuffed him and he was cited for airport rules. Don’t violate the airport rules, Sergio!

It doesn’t seem like there was a major issue here though. They didn’t allow him to fly and escorted him off of the airport grounds. We can’t confirm whether that escorting scene was similar to when Axel Foley was thrown out of Victor Maitland’s office.

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