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Vick shows he’s a leader by throwing teammates under the bus

MichaelVickThe Philadelphia Eagles just ended the 2012 season with a 4-12 record. They fired head coach Andy Reid, and their multi-million dollar “franchise” quarterback is now carping. After a second season in a row of substandard play, Michael Vick has decided now is the time to tell everyone that his teammates didn’t work as hard as he did.

It’s all about focus, dedication and commitment,” Vick said via “Until you get guys who are willing to better themselves week in and week out and want to win, you’re not going to win. And I haven’t played with guys like that. It’s unfortunate for coach thing turned out the way they are. It could have been a lot better. This locker room could have dictated that.”

He was then asked by a reporter if his teammates’ effort pisses him off.

“Yes it does,” Vick said. “I give 110 percent effort. My body is scarred up all year. I’m hurt, I’m bruised, get up after every hit and still try and fight and push. I do that for my coaches. I do that for my teammates. And I would expect the same thing in return.”

Photo Caption: Vick points the finger

Earlier in the day, LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin said that some of the “new faces” didn’t “buy in” to Andy’s way of doing things. Vick obviously agrees with them.

“Guys have to start to understand: You can’t do it your way,” Vick continued. “You have to follow the leader. If you don’t then we end up in the situation we are in now, losing the head coach, a man that we love and have a great deal of respect for. A man that I played hard for. I gave him 100 percent. At least I can feel good about that. And there are guys in here that gave it their all. But you need consistent effort from every guy in this locker room.”

Ok, Mr. Leader, why are you speaking up now? Why didn’t you call these guys out in the locker room when it needed to be done and when there was still a season to save?

“I should have done it,” Vick admitted. “But I tried to take the modest approach, I tried to lead by example. I held a team meeting and tried to help guys recommit. It was still the same thing over and over again. I’m not going to tell a grown man the same thing twice because the reason I ended up incarcerated was because people told me the same thing over and over again and I didn’t listen. I feel like if you don’t learn in the first go-around, you disregard it. You just deal with the consequences because there will always be consequences.”

Vick might have a genuine point. But, how can he be frustrated when he acted the same exact way when he was in Atlanta? He’s even admitted that. And what team is going to be impressed by this display of “leadership?”

And do you think many of these same teammates maybe got frustrated when you continued to turn the ball over all season? After you continued to throw interceptions and fumble the ball because you held it recklessly? Do you think they didn’t love that after you did that, you would say crap like “things happen for a reason?” Think maybe they didn’t love that?

If it wasn’t a virtual certainty that Vick (due $15.5 million next year) would be gone after the Super Bowl, it probably is now.

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