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Cardinals clean house, realize Whisenunt doesn’t play QB

KenWhisenhuntSomeone in the Bidwell family is sick and tired of their Arizona Cardinals being a Turd Ferguson year in and year out. Not only have they fired head coach Ken Whisenhunt, they also told general manager Rod Graves not to let the door hit him in rear end as well.

Whisenhunt is now the seventh head coach to be shown the door on Black Monday.

I have to think that Rod Graves is more to blame than Whisenhunt. I’m not sure any coach can win with the level of quarterback play that the Cardinals got this year. They went into yet another season with Kevin Kolb, who played relatively poorly when he wasn’t hurt…the entire damn year.

Kolb is probably a marginal-at-best QB and they can’t even get a full healthy year out of him. So, they have to play with the likes of Ryan Lindley, John Skelton and on Sunday it was Brian Hoyer. I mean…read those names. Who in the hell could win with them? When Whisenhunt did have good QB play, he went to the Super Bowl and made playoff runs.

And they can’t run the ball either. Beanie Wells is hurt all the time and his yards per carry is woeful. Larry Fitzgerald must want hang himself on a daily basis. What a colossal waste of talent through no fault of his own.

So, who assembled this group of misfits? Yeah, Graves. He should have been gone a long time ago. If they’d have identified that mistake a couple years ago, Whisenhunt probably still has a job.

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