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Vick won’t restructure his contract

MichaelVickPhiladelphia Eagles (for now) QB Michael Vick is due to earn $15.5 million next year thanks to a ridiculous contract that he signed before the 2011 season. Unless the Eagles were to go out and get Chip Kelly, the team has no use for him beyond this week’s game versus the New York Giants.

There is speculation that they could trade him, but they’d have to do that shortly after the Super Bowl, when he scheduled to earn a $3 million bonus. And hindering that small trade window is the fact that a source tells Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer that Vick will not restructure his deal.

There probably isn’t another team in the league that would be willing to pay him $15.5 million for a season. Maybe the Buffalo Bills would if they are really looking to sell some tickets. The New York Jets already have one QB making too much money and don’t need another.

All signs are pointing to the Eagles cutting Vick after the season and getting nothing in return.

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