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Moss now the No. 2 receiver in San Fran

RandyMossHow quickly the San Francisco 49ers have gotten thin at wide receiver. Kyle Williams is done for the year and now Mario Manningham is out with a torn ACL and PCL.

So, what does this mean? That’s right, Randy Moss is now the team’s No. 2 receiver. And one could argue that he’s a legit No. 2. As in, “I have to take a No. 2.”

The Niners are taking on quite a bit of water in the passing game for a team with Super Bowl aspirations. You can also throw in there that Vernon Davis has a concussion, even though he’s considered likely to play this week. Then again, what has he done the last nine weeks? Right, so who cares?

Oh, and what does all this say about first-round pick A.J. Jenkins? He’s dressed for two games this year and hasn’t seen a pass thrown his way. I forgot he was even on the team. Well, I guess he’ll be dressing now.

A week or so ago the 49ers looked like world beaters in their win over the New England Patriots. Now? They could be one and done in the playoffs.

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