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Giants could cut Tuck?

New York Giants vs. Washington RedskinsThe New York Giants have not had a great season. Sure, they are still alive in the playoff picture if they can beat the Philadelphia Eagles and get losses from the Vikings, Cowboys and Bears. But, that’s a lot of help to ask for. At 8-7, this has been a season of ups and downs.

So, one would have to think that changes will be coming. Maybe it’s not the type of overhaul that’s coming to Philadelphia, but there are tweaks that can be made. Maybe even some changes that most wouldn’t think about.

Like…say…getting rid of part of that defensive line? Osi Umenyiora is getting older, but Justin Tuck isn’t long removed from being an unmitigated stud. Could they get rid of him?

According to Gregg Rosenthal of, the purging of two big names like that could be coming.

“Umenyiora and Tuck top the list of potential big names that could be let go,” Rosenthal writes.

I can understand letting go of Umenyiora. There has been much contention between him and the club for a couple of years about his contract. He’s getting older and he’s not very productive anymore. But Tuck?

Maybe former Giants LB Antonio Pierce is right, and Tuck isn’t the same player anymore. The guy who used to be a complete badass maybe isn’t worth much anymore.

I’d be a little shocked if the Giants moved in a different direction, but I guess it’s possible. Maybe it’s time for them to get rid of a guy who just isn’t giving you much these days.

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